I, Siobhan Bolyn, Goddess of the Flame and Keeper of the Land and Water, must give birth to the next goddess before my three hundredth birthday. My mate must be the preordained champion, so not just any man will do. But where to find a champion in this modern world?

When Niall Calhoun walks into my life, he’s everything I’ve hoped for. Tall, dark, sweet, and gorgeous: the true four food groups. A mere touch of his hand and my libido roars to life. But is he champion material?

Meanwhile, dark forces are plotting against me and calling my abilities into question. I’ve got to battle forest fires, soothe the oceans, appease my mother, turn Niall into Mr. Exactly Right, and have a baby in the next year. Can a goddess and her champion handle all that and still find time to fall in love?


“Molly, I need you to swear complete secrecy about what I’m about to tell you.”

“Goddess, I will take your confidences to my grave. No one will break me. I am stone.”

“Good. I think I may have found a father for my child.”


A crystal tear formed in the corner of her eye.

“No, the man in our shop,” I whispered.

“At last, a champion!”

I raised an eyebrow to remind her the wind had ears. She pulled back and put her head down.

“Silence is the key. I don’t want any extra players until I’m sure.

I put my hand out to her and led her back to the shop.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Now, while I’m gone I expect you to work hard and finish Baylor’s order. It’s for one hundred forty baskets. If you need help, ask Suzanna.”

“Suzanna doesn’t like me.”

“Suzanna doesn’t like anybody. She’ll come in, follow directions, and be done before you know it. Now, I have to get to California.”

I kissed Molly on the top of her head and skipped to my hybrid car. I waved to her as I drove away. Will she tell Ian? Was chocolate the first and foremost food group? Yes. I wanted him to find out everything he could about Mr. Calhoun. The back of my hand stayed warm, reminding me I missed physical contact. Niall, if you have a girlfriend, I apologize in advance. Champion or no champion, we were getting much better acquainted. Very soon.

I needed to make a phone call, too. I’ll wait until my official business concluded—less distraction and satellite reconnaissance. Speaking to the Dragon bordered on dangerous territory, and Maeve had to stay in the dark. Or in a deep pit.