Contemporary Romance

In Spicing Up Trouble, a shy chef meets a reclusive artist. With the help and hinder of her sisters, his father, Thanksgiving, and the paparazzi, they fall in love.

Alexia Hale works as a test kitchen writer for the Chicago News. She is given the opportunity to interview the world renowned artist, Benjamin Nance Cobb. To get it, Alexia has to pose nude for Ben. She does and finds a common thread with him: his late mother’s storybooks.

One photograph secretly taken proclaims Alexia to be Ben’s fiancée. His father isn’t pleased, her sisters are shocked, and Alexia is hounded by the press. Dating a celebrity has its challenges and rewards. Which one will outweigh the other?

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Eleanor Hale owns a boutique and is out of ideas.
All of her designs have fallen flat. She needs a man’s point of view about women’s fashion. At closing time, Henry Muir rushes into her shop in search of a tie. Eleanor and Henry are the answers to each other’s career roadblocks, but egos and preconceptions get in the way. Each has to give a lot to make progress and comfort levels are pushed to the limit. After a brawl at a charity auction, a sexy photo shoot, and a jealous stalker’s revenge, can giving in mean having it all?
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