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My paranormal romance, All Hours Trading, tells the story of Ann Milton, and her vampire lover, Lance Cheron. Ann is a financial planner for the undead and supernaturally challenged. Shadows from his past cloud their future. Is it possible to kill a centuries old she-devil, procreate, and guarantee and ten percent return on investment?

My fantasy romance, Mother Nature’s Man arrived in January. Siobhan Bolyn, Goddess of the Flame, Keeper of the Land and Water needs a man. He must be of champion stock to father her child. Niall Calhoun meets every criteria and then some. After battling for and against the forces of nature, will they have time or energy to fall in love?

I send a special note of thanks and lots of love to my fabulous family and friends.  I take it as a high compliment to have you reading over my shoulder.

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