Spicing Up TroubleCupid's Busted ArrowCozy Christmas CapersRead excerpt from All Hours Trading

Spicing Up Trouble

Spicing Up Trouble

A shy chef meets a reclusive artist. With the help and hinder of her sisters, his father, Thanksgiving, and the paparazzi, they fall in love.

Cupid’s Busted Arrow

Cupid's Busted Arrow

Cupid’s Busted Arrow follows the rekindling of young love. Nelly Steeple, aka Cupid, has dragged the happy couple back together. She’s ready to retire and Giselle Baylor’s and Matt Hall’s nuptials are blocking her way to a perfect record.

Cozy Christmas Capers

Cozy Christmas Capers

19 holiday short stories by 19 New York Times, USA Today and award winning authors! Enjoy these tales of mystery, romance, and laughter amid the backdrop of pine tress, gingerbread men, and Santas galore! The perfect short bites for cozying up by the fire with a cup of cocoa…or waiting in line at gift wrapping!

Mother Nature’s Man

Read excerpt from Mother Nature's Man

I, Siobhan Bolyn, Goddess of the Flame and Keeper of the Land and Water, must give birth to the next goddess before my three hundredth birthday. My mate must be the preordained champion, so not just any man will do. But where to find a champion in this modern world?

When Niall Calhoun walks into my life, he’s everything I’ve hoped for. Tall, dark, sweet, and gorgeous: the true four food groups. A mere touch of his hand and my libido roars to life. But is he champion material?

Meanwhile, dark forces are plotting against me and calling my abilities into question. I’ve got to battle forest fires, soothe the oceans, appease my mother, turn Niall into Mr. Exactly Right, and have a baby in the next year. Can a goddess and her champion handle all that and still find time to fall in love?

All Hours Trading

Read excerpt from All Hours Trading

In life, one thing is certain: taxes. Death has many layers and all of them interest the IRS. I’m Ann Milton, a financial planner for the undead and supernaturally challenged. The love of my life is the vampire, Lance Cheron. I think he sat at the Round Table with King Arthur and they didn’t play bridge. He’s shy with details, but not with his passion. Our lives are complicated. First, by his age old enemy: a dried up hag after his money. If she’s Guinevere, I’ll croak. Second, by the activities of my roommate: she’s a hybrid predator and great cook. Underneath the hair, razor teeth, and talons, Colette is a real sweetie. Last, the roller coaster stock market: how to make money last until the next fiscal year and eternity. These challenges are nothing compared to my dream: a baby. Undead procreation is impossible. Or is it? Paging Dr. Merlin?